Ryan Cain and the Ables

Ryan Cain and the Ables are a high energy rockabilly band from Clarksburg, West Virginia. Formed in 2011, this band plays traditional rockabilly/hillbilly and western swing music. In late 2012, the group released a CD titled "My Pistol Rides Shotgun ," a collection of songs written by Ryan Cain. “My Pistol Rides Shotgun” was recorded at Zone 8 studios in Granville, West Virginia and produced by Mark Poole. The CD has received extensive radio airplay and charted on the Roots 66 chart, the Roots Music Report Chart, and in December 2012 was a most added CD on the Americana chart.

In addition to original songs, a Ryan Cain and the Ables show is a history lesson on the early influences of rock and roll. Equally versed in guitar, standup bass and piano, Ryan covers music from Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, and a whole lot more. The Ables perform much more than a concert, it is a musical journey paying tribute to the pioneers of rock and roll, rockabilly and early country music.

In addition to Ryan Cain, the group consist of Matt Eakle on guitar, Evan Jones on electric bass and acoustic guitar, Gary Hamrick on drums. Ryan Cain and the Ables perform extensively throughout West Virginia and surrounding states. Their song Yes Indeedy was appeared in Episode 1, season 10, of the television show SUPERNATURAL on the CW network.

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