Peso131 (aka The Great Peso) has been a part of the Hip-Hop scene since the beginning. An original member of the Fearless Four (best known for their 1982 single "Rockin It" which was featured in the 1983 documentary Style Wars), Peso131 splits his time between rocking with Team Fearless and The Plattsburgh Home Team. He stays true to the old school, but isn’t afraid to share the stage with the newcomers in The Home Team.

Peso131 is also known in the graffiti world. He is a member of many crews in graffiti such as BYB, 3YB, TC and TDS. Now here's a little background information on 'Fearles Four'....

The Fearless Four (or Fearless 4) is an old school hip hop group from Harlem, New York, best known for its 1982 single "Rockin' It", which was based on the Kraftwerk track "The Man-Machine" and was featured in the 1983 documentary Style Wars. Originally, the Fearless Four was a two-member group called the Houserockers Crew. Later, it reappeared as a six-member group consisting of the Great Peso (aka Peso131), Devastating Tito, Mighty Mike C, Krazy Eddie, DLB, and Master OC. In 1983, the group collaborated with legendary rapper Kurtis Blow to produce the single "Problems of the World". It was the first crew to be signed to a major label, Elektra Records. The group only released one studio album, Creepin' up on Ya, which was released in 1994.

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