Mike Rumney

Phone:(304) 657-8678

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I am Mike Rumney the President of Aka Booking Agency I have been in the music bussines starting back in the 90's

I have run sound for many of bands over the years so I know when I hear something that has that thing that everyone is looking for

Hip Hop/Urban Divison - Agent
Fury Anderson

Phone: (347)-813-8873

Email: Fury Anderson

I am FURY ANDERSON (professionally known as CEE-ROCK "THE FURY"). I'm the Founder/CEO of !Handzup! Network and !Handzup! Network Radi-Yo! (on Rapstation). I recruit incredible artists, mostly in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul/Funk, to help bring back the culture to it purest form and educate the ones who may be unaware of this culture. Any Festivals/Talent Buyers/Event Management/Concerts/Venues interested in myself and/or my AKA Booking artists, do not hesitate to reach out.