Automatik Greatness

Automarik first met Hell Razah in 1998 in Providence, RI. The Sunz Of Man had just released the "First Shall Be Last" Album an they were in Ri for an autograph signing. Auto Says, "I sa Razah and called him "Israel". We started building and I remember Razah told me to "stick to the Scriptures "." Auto and Razah lost touch until about 2008 and Auto reached out to Razah to discuss a collab and they have been friends ever since. In 2010 when Razah suffered his aneurysm. Automatik stopped all of the projects he was working on an started to immediately put together a mixtap in order to raise proceeds for Razah's recovery. The Laabel Razah was Signed to at the time did not co-sign the project, so it was stopped. Auto continued on his own to promote Razah's music and projects. Auto has remained by Razah's side throughout his recovery while Razah kept him busy with plenty to read an study.

In 2013. Razah appointed Automatik the Ri Chetto Government Chapter General (Secretary of Defense) and added him to the roster of artists that will formally represent Hell Razah Music, Inc. Automatik's debut solo album "Rapoliticz: was released December 2013 and was produced in full by ledendary Sunz of Man producer Su-Preme. Auto's sophomore album "Expdus, The Audio Revolution" was released September, 2015 and was also produced in full by Su-Preme.

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